Free your A.I.M.

My Free your A.I.M. (Authentic Inner Me) coaching approach invites you to a transformational journey, designed to your personal needs.
Each and every one of us is a unique individual, so you are, with your own potential, values and desires.
That is the reason why the coaching sessions are tailor made and are adapted to your personal needs, based on your own challenges and goals.
A classical transformational journey usually includes 6-10 sessions, but this number can be easily adapted to your personal needs. The coaching process helps you to:

Unique and personalized coaching process

Analyze and understand your current situation
Discover your biggest blocks / patterns that stop you from moving forward and transform them into learnings
Understand and verbalize your drivers, values and strengths
Free your A.I.M. and verbalize your vocation
Design your future to reach your specific goal that will bring you fulfillment
Make it happen through concrete actions

You can make the most out of this coaching relationship if:

Successful collaboration through mutual engagement

You have a growth mindset and you are determined and fully committed to change
You will do everything to succeed and will be accountable for reaching your goal
You are ready to invest in your transformational journey

You will be fully supported through our partnership in the following ways:

Proven expertise in coaching, passion for people and experience in an international environment to serve you at my best
Complete support during your coaching process
A gentle and polite coaching style but challenging and goal-oriented attitude that will help you to design concrete and achievable actions during your transformational journey that can bring you closer to your goal
I offer my sessions:

Flexible coaching sessions

in 3 languages
(English, French, Hungarian)
in a virtual setup
(via Zoom, Google meet, WhatsApp...)
on an international scale
Everyone has the potential to change if there is the willingness, courage and commitment to make that change.
Ready for this change? Let’s get to know each other and co-design the path that allows you to Free Your A.I.M (Authentic Inner Me).


Barbara Busi

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