Being authentic, a risk worth taking

Sunday, February 14
To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Showing our true, authentic self to the world can be risky. We can be easily judged, criticised or hurt. As consequence, we slowly start to give up our real self and try to fit in an artificial world that is so far from our values and true self. All that to feel accepted and to conquer the appreciation of our surrounding.

Sometimes only years of suffering or the manifestation of an illness can open our eye and give the courage to break free and get back to our authentic self that we tried to hide.
When you try being another person, only frustration and obstacles come along your way. The moment we find your uniqueness, turn it to a strengths and start to build on it, we start to feel lighter, more in harmony with ourselves. This is due to the fact that we are aligned with our values and leverage on our deepest potential.
Through coaching you can Free your A.I.M. (Authentic Inner Me) and start to create your own path, the one that is aligned with your values and ultimate purpose in life, not the path paved by your environment.

How to Free Your A.I.M.?

First of all, start to understand where you are today and what is blocking you to move forward in your career. You would be surprised to see all the limiting beliefs that you built over the years and that stop you from living the life that you imagined for yourself.

When you understand them, you can change your perception and start to clean up these beliefs to give space to new, fresh thoughts and objectives.

Start to analyse things that you are passionate about, that give you joy and satisfaction in life and it will bring you closer to your purpose in life. By identifying your purpose, you have a bigger picture in mind, more than just your daily tasks that take away your focus and keep you busy so much that you forget about yourself and feel exhausted at the end of the day over and over again. Find your source of energy and start to visualise your objective in a very precise way. See it, feel it.
When doing this exercise, go beyond your cognitive, rational self and be open to welcome what your heart (emotional self) and your gut (instinct) tell you. Through the balance of this trio you can make sure to find your true reason for being.

Once you are clear about it, you can start to break the big picture into smaller objectives and plan each step of the journey. Do not forget, there is no one perfect way to get to your goal. In life many opportunities can appear, different people might cross your path, be conscious about them and see what you can learn and how you will use these learnings to get closer to your destination.
You might realise that some of your skills need to be further developed and that is completely fine. Identify solutions that help you to up-skill yourself and do not stop learning even when you reached your goal.

Prepare a clear action plan with a dedicated timeline to make your objectives more concrete. Leverage on your strengths and identify how they can help you to realise your identified actions.

Look around yourself and think about the resources that you would need to achieve your goals. Identify people who can support you on your journey when you feel off the track, but never forget to hold yourself accountable and find tricks that can bring you back on rail.

Once you get to your goal, enjoy it fully, be passionate about it and use your potential at the highest level.

Do you need more support to start your transformational journey? Contact me and I would be happy to partner with you.

Dare to be unique, unleash your strength and Free your A.I.M. (Authentic Inner Me)!

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