Build on your strengths, the foundation of your future success

Sunday, February 14
“It isn't until people know what makes them talented and unique that they know how to perform better in their job. Or how to find one that's a better fit. And to build better relationships and be a better teammate. And to feel like they're improving. Every. Single. Day.”
Don Clifton

Have you ever thought…

…I am not good enough

…I will never succeed

…I will not receive this job


These thoughts occur due to our limiting beliefs, patterns that we cumulated over the time, that made us lose confidence in ourselves, in our strengths. What do you receive from these beliefs? Lack of self-confidence, doubts, fear, etc. What if you start focusing on your strengths and build on them to reach your objectives?

Each and every one of us is unique and has their own strengths. We just need to be more conscious about them to be able to activate them in the right moment and use them at our advantage.
If you struggle with the identification of your strengths, you can find several tools out there, such as Clifton StrengthsFinder that can help you with this exercise.

Once you are aware of them, there are several ways to use them.

At your workplace, you can apply your strengths in the following situations:

For your own, personal development:
  • develop in a new position
  • grow in your current role
  • succeed in a project
  • better collaborate with your team members
Reflective questions:
  1. How can I use my strengths to ensure the successful implementation of this project?
  2. Based on my strengths what kind of position would be the best fit? / Where can I use the best my strengths?
  3. Which of my strengths shall I further develop?
During your one on one discussion with your employees:
  • identify the next position that is aligned with their strengths
  • succeed in their current role or on a current project by discussing how to use their strengths
  • overcome a challenging situation
Reflective questions:
  1. What are the main strengths of my employee and how can we leverage on these strengths to successfully accomplish the identified tasks?
  2. Which project / task would be the most adapted to my employee’s strengths?
  3. Based on the strengths of my employee, which development path would be the most suitable?
  4. How can this person contribute to the overall success of the team?
  5. Where do I need to support my employee?
To create better synergy with your teams:
  • create better synergy within the team
  • understand individual drivers and allocate the tasks / projects according to the strengths
  • create a positive team culture that focuses on strengths instead of weaknesses
Reflective questions:
  1. What are the strengths that we have within the team and how can we leverage on them to achieve our objectives?
  2. What are the dominant strengths, what are the strengths that are missing? How can we build those strengths?
  3. How do we allocate roles and responsibilities within the team according to individual strengths?
  4. Based on our strengths, how can we collaborate the best?
Next time you plan to have a 1 on 1, a team meeting or you plan your next move, try to be more conscious about your strengths and build them in your everyday life. You will see, it is worth experimenting!

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